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Yusuf Chowdhury

I am a professional Digital Marketing Consultant, Business Coach and Instructor

My bio

With a combined 15 years of experience in the field of marketing research, I’ve given lectures at colleges and universities both nationally and internationally over topics within the areas of his expertise which include: Social Media marketing, SEO, creation of WordPress based websites, Video marketing, Blogging and Mobile marketing.

As a budding entrepreneur in 1999 I quickly learned to develop my marketing “muscle” by learning the necessary strategies for creating a successful business. My focus on the importance of social media marketing began in 2006 when I took on a project to help a friend promote a short film. I credit that experience because at that moment, I fully realized the importance and potential of digital marketing not only as a tool to be used in the business arena but also as a vehicle to freely create and connect to the world. I advocate the use of social media to my clients by stressing that, “it is the only form of marketing over which you have complete control”.

I’ve taken the valuable lessons learned as CEO of my start-up company – Online Business Owners and as a Digital marketing consultant for several local advertising &  marketing firm; and I’ve given back to the community by sharing my knowledge as a Consultant for various non-profit organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. My work has played a pivotal role in the lives of local business owners, helping them to become social media savvy and take advantage of the benefits of online marketing in order to develop, promote and grow their businesses.

I have a passion for teaching, leading and inspiring others to fulfill their potential and reach their personal goals. As a result, I’ve been a guest speaker at the Learning and Technology Symposium held at Effat Women’s University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Our Lady of the Lake University, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio College and various other institutions of higher learning throughout the San Antonio and surrounding areas. I’ve been a guest lecturer at Austin’s Annual Word Camp- a conference which is dedicated to providing training and resources to local entrepreneurs in all aspects of creating a start-up company. I have made an appearance on WOAI’s San Antonio Living program where I was interviewed about the topic of social media marketing and the services that I provide to my clients. Additionally, I offer my services as a Digital Marketing Consultant for Venture Point (a member based Business Center) and as an Instructor for the Northside Independent School District’s Adult Community Education department.

I majored in Business Administration at Dana College and I am fluent in Arabic, English, Bānglā, Urdu and Hindi. I was born and raised in Mecca, Saudi Arabia but call San Antonio home along with my wife and three children. My passion and commitment is to serve and volunteer my time and talents by participating as an active member of Geekdom, by hosting a local Word Press meet-up group, and by volunteering at the University of Texas at San Antonio via their Small Business Development Center which offers training and classes to local businesses covering a wide range of topics, such as: Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing Consulting, Web Design & Development, Social Media Strategy, Facebook Optimization & Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Local Search Optimization, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Apps. My goal is to help others become financially independent and create a lasting legacy for themselves and their families.

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