6 Tips on How to Gain Targeted Followers for Your Periscope

6 Easy Tips To Increase Your Periscope Followers

Below you’ll find a few tips to increase your followers on Periscope. Read on to find out just how simple and easy yet effective they are:

#1: Plan and prepare

First things first, make sure you’re thoroughly prepared for your broadcast. Having a checklist will help. Some items that need to be listed in there are WiFi, your tools for the broadcast like your microphone, Minipod, laptop, notes, and etc.

#2: Use Social Media

In this digital age, social media leverage is a must, and all the tools you need to create great looking posts are just a click away, like using www.canva.com. Before posting on Facebook and Twitter though, make sure you have a great title (use www.TweakYourBiz.com) and # (use www.TagBoard.com), and don’t forget to indicate the time of broadcast and your Periscope handle.

For Twitter especially, make sure your twitter icon is selected before you broadcast. This way, your scope will be tweeted as soon as you go live. You can also tweet before the broadcast. Use the follow words “Live #Periscope + keyword”.

#3: Engage Your Niche

If you’re active on Facebook, find and engage your niche. Just read and respect group policies as these differ from one community to another. The last thing you want to happen is to end up on their spam list.

Post if the broadcaster mentions websites or information that could be valuable. You can also post recaps. Just don’t hijack their scope. Add value to help the broadcaster and their viewers.

#4: Give Value

During your broadcast don’t ask for hearts and shares right away. Give value first and ask the viewers if they’re having a great time, after which you can proceed to ask them. At the end of your broadcast, remind them to follow you since some new viewers tend to forget that.

On social media, post about your work in the group (Tag Tribes) and let the community know what kind of help you need. Remember, giving value is a top priority. Don’t worry about the numbers or anyone not showing up a few times on your scope. You have to be patient and consistent. Follow @DanaGarrison

#5: Teach and Collaborate with Others

Once you know how to use Periscope, teach others how to use it. You can also target your audience in your title. For example, “Learn how to use Periscope for Fitness Coach”, this way you open up possible collaborations with others.

As Kim Garst said, “Collaborate with the influencers within your niche.”

#6: Teach others. Once you know how to use Periscope teach others how to use it. You can also target your audience in your title. For example ” Learn how to use Periscope for fitness coach”

So there you have it, try these 6 easy tips to gain targeted followers for your Periscope today!